Good-bye Little Darlings…

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With mixed feelings–those of both complete joy and happiness for their new owners and the promise of a wonderful life and opportunities, and worry of what the pups will go through in the next few days–I put 4 darlings on airplanes, today. My biggest worry was for my friend, Nina, who has been with us longer than the Patriots. I have become so attached to her and she has become such a huge part of everyday, that I found myself standing at the ticket counter at the cargo station in Pittsburgh with my tears pouring down my face and falling onto the paperwork. Oh my, that was one of the hardest things I have ever done!

I will get over myself and I know Nina will have the most wonderful new life and hunting opportunities and soon she will probably not even remember her life here. But, my concern was for today and what on earth she could be thinking! Does she think I don’t love her? Or does she think she was a bad girl? You have to know this dog to know why I say this and why I had such concern. I honestly believe this gal thinks like that. She is one of the brightest dogs I have ever known. I will miss you my little Nina girl. I hope you have the most wonderful life there is to have.

Nina, along with her 1/2-brother Indy, flew to San Francisco, CA and will live in Orland, CA with their new owner, Mr. Losoya. Lily-Belle also flew to San Francisco and is now at home in Willow Creek, CA with Jan and Rusty Hagen. They will all have wonderful hunting opportunities and wonderful families and get to live in the house. Hats-off to Mr. Losoya for taking on the task of driving all the way to San Fran in the insane traffic and picking up all three pups and meeting the Hagens to deliver Lily-Belle safely into their arms!

Timber, (Yankee)  flew to Burlington, VT and is at home tonight with his new family in Charlotte, VT, the Lisles.

All puppies are doing great and arrived safe and sound.

Tomorrow, we will meet the Barveld’s in Michigan with Rebel (now, Chase) and he will live in Holland, MI with his big sister, Milan from the 4-wheelers litter.

Next, we announce that Spirit has been reserved and he will be leaving next weekend to live in Kentucky.

Darling, high-tailing, very stylish Justice is the last of the bunch and is still available.

Blessings to all the new families and to our little darling Llewellin puppies–thank you for bringing such joy and adventure to our lives for short 8-weeks you were with us. “Neener, ” honey, I love you so much that I want you to have the best life possible and all the attention you deserve….