Mohawk, Seneca, and Remington…

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Well, it was a day full of both excitement and a wee bit of sadness. Mohawk, Seneca, and Remington left today.

We set off early this morning for the trip to Cleveland. Mohawk flew from there to Providence, RI where he will live with his new family, the Menard’s. He arrived safely and they are thrilled with him! It is a special day for Mr. Menard, as it is his birthday and he got the best gift he says–a new bird dog!

Seneca flew to Chicago where she will live with lots of other Llewellins at the Chiausi Ridge farm in Lena. We will get to see and hunt with Seneca in the fall and very much look forward to that!

From the airport, we met up with the Rawling’s of Michigan at Nimisila Creek Kennels in Clinton, OH. They brought their current Llewellin, Dalla, out of Brier and NCK”S Diamond, to meet his new companion, Cody (Remington).

Remingtonnew ownersIt was a wonderful day to get to visit the Witner’s and to meet the Rawlings. It is bittersweet when puppies leave… you are both a little sad and very happy. Sad to see them go because you just can’t help but get attached, but full of happiness to see the new owners so happy and to know these wonderful pups will have fantastic homes and wonderful hunting opportunities.

All the best to you my little darlings and to the new owners!

Many thanks to Dave and Kristine for letting us meet at their place and for a fantastic lunch!