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I just got this great shot of Mohawk, 9-week old male pup out of Addison and Steele, while he was out playing on the deck. “Mo,” as we have been calling him, is no longer happy just hanging out downstairs with the rest of the gang. He frequently goes upstairs with the “big dogs” and makes himself right at home. He is perfectly content to explore upstairs, help himself to some big dog kibble, then get himself up onto the loveseat for a snooze. He loves to get out on the deck where he can run and play and see what the outside dogs are up to.

Mohawk has a fantastic build, is very stylish, has that exploring attitude–but melts in your arms when picked up–I had thought Mo was just like his grand-sire on Addison’s side, Brier, but lately I am not so certain. One minute he completely reminds me of Brier, and the next he reminds me of Steele.  I had thought he looked more like Brier, but when I really look at his build and eyes, I think he takes after Steele. But, neither here no there, this is a fine pup. It is becoming increasingly difficult to think about letting him go anywhere!


Mohawk has been sold and will be living with the Menard family of Massachusetts. My family is furious with me that I am sending him away! This morning, my sons would barely speak to me and kept making comments to Mo like, see Mo, Mom doesn’t love you, but we do… Mom sold you, Mo. …. brats… they made me cry!!!!  But, I just can’t hunt every dog and this is best for the pup. In a few years, after projects are finally complete, then I can keep a pup, but not now. It isn’t fair to him or the other dogs sitting here looking at me and going crazy wanting and needing to be hunted. He’s going to an excellent home and will be the center of their  world and have many, many hunting opportunities. It is the situation we always hope to find for our Llewellin pups. Congratulations!.