Jenna and Steele Breeding Announcement

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Our lovely Lady Genesis–Jenna–has been bred to Steele.

She came in at just about the perfect time as one week later and I would not have been able to do the pairing this time around. Our daughter is getting married in June and I really need to have free time for her in the weeks before, not to mention a clean house! It is still a little close but went ahead with it because of the interest in this paring.

There are 3 reservations available–we can accept one more male reservation and two more for females. We can take names after that and announce the availability after the litter has whelped.

We expect puppies to whelp the first week of April and going to new homes around May 22nd.

This is fantastic pairing of two very classy Llewellins. We’ve all seen the pups Steele has produced in the Indians litter–lovely, classy, stylish pups with excellent conformation, birdiness and drive.

I expect adult pups from this pairing to be a bit on the larger end of the spectrum of Llewellins. Not huge by any means, but not tiny 35lb females, either. I would guess more like 50lb females at adult. Steele is actually a bit smaller than Jenna! He has a perfect, compact build. I love everything about him and Jenna. Both have the personalities to match their looks and are very loyal and attentive.

I will post photos, soon..