A Busy Week…

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It turned out to be a busy week here at Laurel Mt. Llewellins.

Our darling Sioux has a new family and will be going to live with them Sunday. She will be living in eastern PA.

The amazing Stoeger will be going to live with his new family in Michigan tomorrow.

Kimber will be flying to Texas next week.

Ruger is on his way to his new home in Georgia along with Covey. We thought we were much stronger but had ourselves a good bawling fit after going back in the house and seeing Covey’s empty crate! Scott and I were two huge giant slobbering idiots for a good part of the morning! But, we know Covey is going to have a wonderful home where she will get to hunt all the time and get the wonderful attention she very much deserves. She is a wonderful bird dog and loving companion and lives to hunt.  She had no problem jumping right into the truck of her new owner and sat there as if she owned it already. She will have the wonderful life that we can only dream of giving our dogs . . .

::sniff:: sniff::.