Thanksgiving Day Jaunt

Hi Folks,

Many Blessings to all on this Thanksgiving day. We are so thankful for so many things and I doubt that you all really want to hear about it, but I really would like to mention how thankful we are for all of God’s gracious blessings. And since this is a blog about upland hunting with our Llewellin Setters, I will just mention how grateful we are for the upland birds, the beautiful country that we get to hunt them on, our very talented and beautiful Llewellin Setters, our and wonderful friends in the upland hunting world.

Our children are mostly grown, now, and spread out. So, it was a very quiet Thanksgiving Day and I didn’t have to have our bird cooked to serve until evening. Scott and I decided to take Luke and Midge for a quick run, hoping to get into a few pheasant–or grouse!

The weather was just awful, really. Very windy and miserable.

Scott took Luke and they got a grouse and a pheasant. I headed the other direction with little Midge, but didn’t last long. It was much too windy. A few branches fell very near us in the woods and I decided to bail out while the getting out was good!

At least we gave it a whirl and Luke had two awesome finds and Scott with excellent shooting–as usual.

Happy Thanksgiving to All!.