Luke and Midge Make A Nice Brace to Hunt Over

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What was to be somewhat larger of a hunting party, ended up a party of two ladies and a brace of two fine Llewellins!

I took Luke and Midge as the brace to hunt some preserve quail for my friend, Roxanne. We arrived at On-Point and were welcomed warmly by our fantastic hosts, Mitch and Vince. We decided on 18 quail for the afternoon hunt and quickly set out to break up the coveys. I decided to hunt Luke and Midge in a brace to see how father and daughter would do together.

Did I mention how difficult it is becoming to tell the two apart? My goodness, it is uncanny how much these two look alike. Midge is a little clone of Luke and while much smaller, I kept getting confused as to who was who in the cover!

Of course, I grabbed the wrong shotgun when leaving in the morning and so had a bag full of 12-gauge shells and my husband’s 28-gauge shotgun… hmmm, that wasn’t going to work, so Vince came to the rescue and let me borrow his gun.

Luke and Midge quickly found the birds and Roxanne and I promptly missed all the birds in the first covey flush. I think I should have stuck to shooting pictures with the camera instead of birds that day!

We ended up doing okay, but the dogs did great of course with some fine work in the swirling wind on the hill, the thick cover of multiflora rose that all the quail took cover in after flushing from the field, and our very off-day of shooting abilities.

It was a beautiful afternoon of hunting and Luke and Midge worked every minute of it. After an hour of untangling the masses of briers–yes, I forgot to use the Show Sheen before we left–they had a grand supper and a well-deserved rest… and were raring to go again the next morning… Llewellins were born to hunt..