January 4th 2011 Grouse Hunt

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Had a great grouse hunt yesterday with Ike, Jenna, and Nashua. We had a long, tough walk, but that’s the way it is grouse hunting in PA. The birds seem to be holding up in the thickest green brier patches and I guess I would be too–who wants to go in there?

Jenna was a dream dog, working beautifully. She had two nice points and also backed Ike and Nashua. Ike had a nice find of his own of which I actually got a shot, but missed the bird… at least I saw more of that bird than the others.

Nashua did very well. She hunted rather close at first, but soon was covering more ground. All three dogs found their place in the hunt. Nashua honored Jenna’s points and had a fantastic find of her own. The bird flushed out quite a bit ahead of us leaving only the thundering sound of it’s flight out of the thicket.

I took the camera, but the batteries were dead! I just changed them the other day so didn’t even think to check them before leaving. I have to find the battery charger that is still packed away from the NW trip.

I am thrilled to be  finding birds and am enjoying some down-time with work so I can get the dogs out while the weather is so agreeable. There is usually either too much snow or it is so crusted and difficult to walk on, that it usually makes it practically impossible to grouse hunt the last few weeks of the season. The weather has been cold, but with the sun peaking through and the snow is melted for the most part. It is comfortable hunting and cold enough to keep from becoming too overheated climbing the steep hills.

Today, I set out to hunt with Mia but was side-tracked with what I intended to be a short visit with my parents. By the time I left, it was way too late to try to head to the mountain and get into any good cover for hunting. We will try again tomorrow. I am going to try to get out every chance I can before our season goes out at the end of this month.

Did I mention I saw a Woodcock? Yep. Driving (or should I say bouncing uncontrollably along) on the mountain road, a bird flew from cover to cover, right along the road, right in front of the truck and is was unmistakably a Timberdoodle!

I hope wherever you are you are able to get out for a bit of hunting or just enjoying your Llewellin outdoors. Even if nothing is in season, the exercise is fantastic and the fresh air clears the mind and invigorates me. Does it do the same for you?

I believe I might try to head to Northern PA for a day or two of grouse hunting this weekend. Now, I just have to decide which dog or two gets to go. Midge and Luke will never speak to me again if I don’t take them but there are young dogs that need the time in the woods, too.  Decisions, decisions…