Scott Limits on Pheasant with My Bird Dog, Luke

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Tuesday, October 23th, 2007.

A rain day for Scott, so he took Luke out again for pheasant, feeling badly about not getting him into birds on Saturday. Today was much better with no sight of other hunters and a different spot to try.

It didn’t take long for my trusty Luke to get on a bird, pointing the pheasant, Scott putting it into the air and bringing it down for a nice retrieve. Just a few minutes later, they did it all over again. Hmmm…. pheasant for dinner tonight!

I guess they are forgiven for trashing the truck after it took me days to clean it from the trip…

I can’t wait to get the young dogs out later this week. We are all experiencing grouse-hunting withdrawal.

The reality of not being able to hunt every day of the season–and not finding birds every time you do get out–is setting in, and it is not a pleasant feeling! I think the dogs are all mad at me..