A Little Grouse Outing

We have been terrible about posting much about hunting. Frankly, the weather in PA has been just awful. If there was snow, it was below zero, high winds and pretty much miserable. Then, for the past few weeks since deer season went out, all we have had is rain, rain, rain. Anyway, we did get out on a very balmy 70 degree day. Weird.

We loaded up the trailer full of dogs and off we went. We hunted Brier, Luke, Boone, Count, Midge, Maddie, Jenna… uh, I think that’s it. All did very well. We had a grand time. No birds, though, not a one. Some unproductive points from the pup, but no birds. The dogs worked beautifully, but the Laurel Mt was void of any bird action. There were, however, loads and loads of muzzleloader hunters..