Another Excellent Day Hunting on our Upland Trip!

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Weather: Upper 70’s and lots and lots and lots of rain….

Well, the weather really was just about awful today with much rain and very warm temperatures. The are usually would be receiving snow this time of year, but not so this year. We didn’t let the rain hold things up, though. We hunted in the lousy conditions anyway. After all, we did not come all this way to let a little rain stop us. The dogs do not mind the rain at all, so we hunted our hearts out!

Today we tried yet another new area and it was smokin’! We also saw the most people of any day so far and that really wasn’t that many. Most folks seemed to be either road hunting or riding ATV’s. It did not affect our hunting at all–plenty of room here for everyone!

All the dogs got into birds today with especially good reports for the 8-month old pups, Boone and Midge.

On our way back to the house, we found a lost setter trotting along the highway. We pulled over and he hopped right in the truck. There was a collar with an ID tag, so we were immediately able to call the telephone number of the owner. This owner was wise to put his cell phone number on the ID tag, so he was nearby and quickly came to fetch this fine dog. Turned out this dog is a National Champion and his owner was very relieved and grateful to get him back!

Two more of our hunting party arrived this evening and everyone is anxious to get out hunting tomorrow..