Day 1 of the Fall Upland Hunting Trip

Brier and Scott

Well, it was a very long drive, but we have finally arrived! The dogs did fantastic. We had some concerns about car sickness with a couple of the dogs before leaving, but all did well and none of them got sick at all! We stopped several times to let each dog out for a little run. The 8-hole dog trailer that we borrowed has been a dream to travel with. The dogs seem to like it just fine, being very comfortable and not stressed at all. The 3 pups in crates in the truck do not seemed bothered by the long trip, either.

Scott and I could not wait to go hunting. We unloaded the truck at the house and , while at first we were very tired from no sleep, set out for hunting by 2:00 pm. We immediately were thrilled when a grouse flushed across the driveway of the property where we are staying! Yahoo! We didn’t drive far to come across some excellent cover in a near-by public hunting area. Traditionally, Brier is always the first dog on the ground on a trip. He immediately got into grouse and let me just say that at this point, it is looking like it is going to be a very exciting and productive trip.

Scott worked Brier and Maisy and both dogs pointed numerous birds. I worked the 8.5 month-old pups, Count and Midge, and they also both pointed birds.

Grouse in the freezer already and we’ve just been here for a few hours!

The cover varies with some areas having no leaves on the trees and other areas having about 60% of the leaves still on. The weather was very pleasant, sunny and about 60 degrees today.

We can’t wait until tomorrow!.