The First to Escape the Whelping Box…

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Well, it finally happened–the first pup to escape the whelping box was Milan! Actually, there were two–Milan and Nitro. But, I think Milan was most likely the first. I was upstairs for a few minutes, came back down and there was Milan and Nitro running around the living room! Little buggers!  I think Milan was the culprit because I put them both back in and Milan promptly got herself right back out! She scampered over to momma’s dish and was trying to eat out of it. What a hoot. She can’t eat that, yet. She barely has any teeth!

I took that as a sign to prepare their dinner. So, I made their mash in the blender and served it up. My gosh! They loved it. They all ate like they were starving or something. They licked every drop of it from the pan. I couldn’t believe it. I think I will give it to them twice tomorrow. Not long after, they even ate from momma, again. My golly! 


They are super fun, now. They really respond to people looking in and talking to them. When you hold one, they will lick you or chew on your sleeve and such. When I have them out of the box, they will come over to me and try to chew on something, or try to get up. Too cute. They are really beginning to explore the living room and it is time to puppy proof. Ranger easily discovered how to go under the sofa today. Milan crawled right in Shay’s food dish, Titan crawled into my shoe! Very funny little guys, very funny….