Puppy Update – Week 4

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Well folks, I really must apologize. I just discovered today that something has been amiss with the site for over a week and I had no idea!

It seems I have been hi-jacked (hacked) in some way or something! All of the posts I have made in the past 10 days have disappeared! I do know they were there, but am not certain when they disappeared. All I do know is that today, I tried to forward someone to the site; they reported to me that it was down. I contacted the hosting company; the next thing I know, the site is there again–but the posts were missing. There were other issues as well that I will not bother getting into, here. Point is that I am sorry!

Now, as to the updates.

Week 4 has brought many, many changes for the puppies! The are all growing like weeds. I no longer mash their food, just add water to the dry puppy kibble. Some do not even bother with this and go directly to Shay’s bowl of dry puppy kibble! They drink lots of water and have a bit of fun in the water bowl, too!

The pups spend more time out of the whelping box than in, now. They are not content for long in the box and are very vocal about wanting out. They have taken over the living room / office area, romping and playing. They love to nap on the blanket by the sofa and otherwise just play and explore. All are becoming quite brave and are having a ball getting into everything!

Their little needle teeth are in and they are chewing, chewing, chewing! Lots of toys seem to keep them happy with that.

They had their first worming last Tuesday and we keep their nails trimmed all the time.

Here are some photos from the past week, I hope you enjoy them and I will be taking more over the next few days and posting them. We hope you all had a lovely Christmas.  –LML