Puppy Update

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Lovely spring storms rolled through our area on Sunday, knocking out our power and soaking the already drenched ground. All is well and the electric has been restored, but we are left with tons of mud! Yuck. It could have been much worse in comparison to all the awful things going on around our nation and the world. We are lucky, indeed! It just caused more delay in photos of puppies is all! For Scott, the rain is job security, so we will not complain.

10_liberty_6w_01.jpgLiberty was the first female pup to be picked and will be going to a wonderful family in early July. We are thrilled that she will be staying with us for a bit longer. She is more than a fine choice! We will let everyone know what her new name will be as soon as we know.

The second pick of the females should be making their decision in the next few days. I do not envy those having to pick pups from this litter. This litter is very consistent in abilities and all much alike in personality. Just when I think one pup is doing something ahead of the others, the rest come along within a few days and are doing the same things. All also seem to be evening out as far as size. I will get weights within the next day or two.

The pups now, of course, are on solid, dry kibble and are all growing like weeds! They are all very healthy, vigorous eaters. We make kibble and water available to them at all times.

We had to add a rail to the whelping box to keep them in the box during the night. They were escaping the box even with the door up, so, it was time. I just don’t want a pup to get hurt on something in the living room during the middle of the night. They didn’t like this at all last night and several times I heard one or two pups letting their frustration at this new obstacle be known! I suspect it was Liberty, Kit, Turner and Link that were upset they could not climb out of the box and have their way with Scott’s slippers in the middle of the night!

With the return of nice weather, today, the pack is enjoying the sunshine and freedom of the puppy kennel outside. I will hopefully be able to get them out into the yard later this afternoon for some hard-core romping, exploration, and photos. I am trying to wait until some of the water dries up so I don’t have 10 muddy puppies!

Look for an update tomorrow… actually, it is here, now!.