Shay x Brier Puppies Turn 3 Weeks Old

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Three weeks, already? Wow! Time just flies by. The little cutie-pies are 21-days old, now. They had their first taste of real food today–a mashed-up mixture of the puppy food Shay has been receiving and water. All readily tried it with some lapping more/longer than others. We will offer this once a day for several days, then increase it to twice a day, etc., while decreasing the amount of water added over the next few weeks. They should be completely transitioned to dry puppy kibble by six weeks of age.

The brown ticking on the feet and legs of some of the tri-color pups has really appeared in the last two days. Very beautiful, in my opinion. I will begin to update the markings sketches with the ticking, soon. Perhaps I will give that another week or two. In other news: the teeth are coming in! Poor Shay.

As mentioned earlier this week, Kit was the first pup to be able to manage to get herself out of the whelping box. Well, since then  others join her regularly in the escape. The very little Ash (in comparison to Kit at the moment), gets out quite easily as well as Cass and Hope. The others are fiendishly trying, but have not managed it, yet. If I would remove the pvc pig-rail, I am sure they all would easily get out.

I had several chukars to clean this evening and decided to see if there would be any reaction from the pups if I held one near them. They were all soundly sleeping in the whelping box and I simply held one of the birds above them… Wow! They all woke up immediately and were going nuts, sniffing and looking around! Very cool! I don’t think there is any doubt these are bird dogs, do you? Although, maybe they would have done this if I held a hamburger over them while sleeping… actually, I do not know! We’ll just leave it as a sign of really great bird-dog puppies!

Decided to show the little guy, Levi, the 11-week old pup a chukar, also. He went nuts over it. Cool. Bird Dog Heaven. I just love it!.