Last Hunt of the Season

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It couldn’t have been a more perfect day for the last hunt of the season. It was a cool, overcast, Spring morning with a gentle breeze and a occasional gust blowing. I decided to take Luke for this one. I picked up my dad and we made the hour drive to On-Point Outfitters in Confluence, PA. We met our great friend, Barb Kubena and her Llewellin Setter, Mac. Mac is out of Lynnhill Bondhu Lance and Lynnhill Advie Sara and is 3 years old. Mitch, one of the owner’s of On-Point, was waiting with our chukars. While we signed-in and got ready, Mitch took our birds out. When he returned, he handed me a lovely Browning 16 gauge O/U to try!

We started out this beautiful morning hunting with Mac and it didn’t take him long to find the first bird. Mac slammed on point and we were able to bag the bird. About an hour and a half and many points, flushes, and great shots later, we headed back to switch dogs, unload birds, grab a quick coffee and get more shells!

Next, we headed out with Luke and he also did a fantastic job of bird finding. Especially notable was on the last sweep, Luke slammed on point near a stream and a small cluster of trees. As I approached him, I was looking and looking for the bird, but could not see one. I finally had to practically crawl under the trees and look–and there it was–the chukar was hold-up in a gopher hole! Great bird work, Luke! I was finally able to flush the bird and Dad made an awesome shot. What a great day!

Some excellent shots were made and we wrapped-up the season with a fine bag of birds and some tired doggies. Okay, we old folks were pretty tired, too.

We look forward to heading back to On-Point this fall and the news is they have now added a second farm. We are so excited about next season.

Many thanks to Barb Kubena and her dog, Mac and to Mitch, Vince, and Smitty from On-Point Outfitters!

Enjoy the photos of our day. Click to view the larger versions and captions.