Northwoods Bird Camp 2010 Days 8 & 9

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Grouse for dinner tonight–who could complain? Not me! I say everyday that I am the luckiest girl in the world to be able to be here. We hunt for our food–and are successful!

We had a change in the weather with severe thunder storms passing thru this morning, so I didn’t get out with the dogs today until late afternoon. It was very windy and much warmer–about 15 degrees warmer–so I opted to work older dogs. Luke and Midge were going insane because I didn’t run them yesterday. Luke and Midge both had points. We were working the inside edge of a cut and Midge’s bell went silent. I went looking and found her on point looking up in a tree. Of course, I couldn’t see the bird around the trees between us and the bird flushed. Midge is so cute–I absolutely loved that point and the look on her face.  It was priceless and I so wished I had gotten that shot–both with the gun and the camera! She had two more points, and I was able to bag one. Luke had three beautiful points–I bagged one. I usually don’t take dead bird and dog shots as I do not personally like them, but I did snap one of Luke with his bird. I would have taken one of Midge and her bird, but Midge likes to jump into the back of the truck and up onto my “bunk” for her cool down. Needless to say, if I ever do need to use my sleeping spot, it will need cleaned first! She loves that bunk. I don’t blamer her.

Next was Jenna. She ran great and she had 2 points–I didn’t bag any of hers! I am awful, I know. The Ruffed Grouse population will not be affected by my shooting!

The pups continue to do great and are really maturing. I am getting so attached and am really quite impressed with them.  I take them for good runs everyday and love how they use their nose, love their boldness, how they carry themselves… love it. I really miss having them inside with me, though!

Yesterday, I ran in a spot I’ve hunted in previous years. Citori had a great run! She is progressing quickly and that is easy to do here at bird camp–it’s all about the birds. Santana, Steele, and Ranger also had good runs. I couldn’t seem to bring any birds down and yesterday I could hear many wild flushes off in the distance. Citori missed one bird (it flushed when she ran by–she never scented it) but the birds yesterday were very jumpy. Today the birds held much better (or at least I didn’t hear wild flushes because of the high wind).

I have several updates from puppy owners to report and will catch up on those very soon!