Northwoods Bird Camp 2010 Day 7

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A quick update on today:

I was able to get on the road by 9:15 this morning. Yahoo! It was a lovely 44 degrees when I pulled off the hardtop road onto the forestry road. Perfect for walking and lugging gear–and a great temperature for the dogs, too.

I decided to work two young dogs–Citori (just a year) and Mia (Jenna x Steele and just 5 months old). Tori had a really nice run and we put up a lone bird, which I of course, did not get! She is really coming along and I want to work her daily.

I took the three little guys–Rock, Stoney, and Gunni– on a long, long hike and then it was Mia’s turn. She had a great run and I really love how she is progressing. She is proving herself quite the lovely bird dog and is such a blend of both Jenna and Steele that it amazes me. We didn’t get into any birds on her run, though.

She had gone through a short spell of not wanting to listen or come here, but we seem to have ironed that out. She was a joy to work both yesterday and today.

My own dogs suffer a bit on training during the summer. You all have heard a million times that I don’t like the heat and I’ve had other dogs to work this summer (client dogs).  This “camp” is where I try to make up for the lag during the hot summer months and I can’t think of a better way than in the real cover situations and the best quarry of all (in my opinion), being the Ruffed Grouse and Woodcock.

We are back at the “camp” and I have the boys tied out. It is such a lovely afternoon–wish we were hunting, but I have to catch up on work that is due in the morning. I discovered that somehow I do not have enough tie-outs for all of the dogs and that is a real bummer on a beautiful day such as today. It is in the mid-upper- 40s, sunny, and just wonderful.

Hope you had a great weekend with your bird dogs!

That’s all for today, folks.