Seeking a Stud for Future LML Litter

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Hello all,

According to the calendar, spring is here and along with it my inbox is filling with inquiries as to if and when I might be having a future litter and to be put on the waiting list. I have decided to post here as to a search for the perfect dog to complement my girls. And we’ll see.

If you have an intact dog from one of our litters reach out. Please include photos, videos of his run (i.e., gait), though I’ll want to see the dog run in-person, major personality and hunting traits, and all health and nutrition-related information. Perfection would be a dog brought up on excellent nutrition (raw-fed, not kibble or at the very least raw additions to his diet. If you know me, you know what I mean. A kibble-fed dog is absolutely not of optimal health and condition), not over-chemically laden, etc. This is very important to me. Location does not matter. The right dog brought up the right way matters.

If you have a dog not directly from us, but in the lineage (1-3 generations), reach out as well. Include photos, pedigree, major personality and hunting traits, health and nutrition, etc., as mentioned above.

Most important is the right dog. I’m seeking beyond a “good” dog. I am looking for excellence in inherited, natural abilities, health and nutrition, and the proven genetics of generational excellence. I am not interested in pursuing this with anything but proven generational excellence in a naturally-reared dog.

Anywhoooo, shoot me an email. We’ll see what transpires.

Hug your Llewellin Setter today.