Northwoods Bird Camp 2010 Comes to an End

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Northwoods Bird Camp 2010 is now over.

With a very heavy heart, I left my soul in the Northwoods and headed back to PA. I left seemingly endless forests, peacefulness, clean air, friendly folks, and wonderful opportunities for the Llews and came back to, well, none of that. blah.

The last weeks of camp were excellent. I had the Northwoods practically all to myself. I had perfectly wonderful weather most of the time. I learned many new things and many new areas to hunt next year. My dogs and I had a glorious time–I will never forget one minute of the experience. The dogs really got to do their thing the last three weeks and I am so thrilled with every one of them. It takes birds and they got birds! They got a lot of time on the ground and lots of opportunities for birds. I got the time I wanted with them. It was just me and the dogs. We strengthened our bond. It all comes together in the Northwoods. It really, really does.

I have a long list of changes that need made to the trailer setup and things I will do differently next year. It is time to focus on that and bust tail to get it done. The doggies are already rested up and raring to go.  Hey, maybe I will still get to make a trip to Kansas to get the dogs onto the prairies for some rousing quail hunting before the year is out. At least I will have to get a few hours north to get into more grouse. You never know what the future holds! I feel it holds every possibility I can imagine. It only takes goal setting, saving, and the belief it can be done. Maybe someday I will actually live in the Northwoods where my bird dogs can hunt out our front door every day of the season every year forever. Dreams do come true. I know this because I get to live my bird-dog, Northwoods dream 2 months of the year!

I hope all of you are getting out with your bird dogs and that all your bird dog dreams come true!  Talk to you, soon.