Northwind Grouse and Woodcock Pro Hunter Workshop

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Do yourself a favor–salvage what is remaining of your 2010–2011 Ruffed Grouse season and order the Northwind Pro Hunter Workshop DVD series.  Over 4.5 hours of instruction and a 94-page workbook that will teach you everything to understand Ruffed Grouse and Woodcock habitat and their needs. I will write a detailed review of this incredible resource in the weeks to come, but I just had to take a minute to plug this now–while you still have time to order it, consume the information, and put it to use. You can keep walking all day long putting up a few birds here and there or you can take your efforts to the next level and maximize your precious time afield actually knowing what Ruffed Grouse and Woodcock cover should look like, how to find these areas, and even how to approach and effectively hunt these areas. Know exactly what to look for and increase your chances of putting up more birds over your dogs.

Northwind Grouse and Woodcock Pro Hunter Workshop DVD set
Grouse and Woodcock Pro Hunter Workshop on DVD

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On one hand, I actually hesitate to share this valuable resource because then everyone (that orders and consumes the 4.5 hours of expert information) will know how to effectively research areas and find more Ruffed Grouse and Woodcock. On the other hand, Ann Jandernoa and Skip Souther deserve your business (and your Llewellin Setter deserves to get into birds)!

Order yours today here!

Northwind Enterprises are known for their incredibly detailed and informative maps of Ruffed Grouse habit and now include maps for Whitetail Deer habitat areas, too. Check those out as well. Up and coming are detailed map sets on chips for your GPS updated yearly via a subscription service–WOW!  But, even with the maps, you need the Grouse and Woodcock Pro Hunter Workshop DVD and workbook to learn exactly what Grouse and Woodcock need to survive. Ann teaches you what each component of good habitat offers them, why they need it, and then, how to find the areas that have such components using valuable and free resources such as arial photography, topo maps, etc.

Ann and Skip also offer seminars, clinics, and are guides and trainers. They know what they are talking about.

If you are serious about Ruffed Grouse hunting, you need this resource. Order your copy of the Northwind Grouse and Woodcock Pro Hunter Workshop DVD series today. You’ll be finding—and bagging—more birds by the weekend!