Chuck and Blue Bag the Bird!

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Chuck and Llewellin Setter, Blue, with a PA Ruffed GrouseBlue is a fine, heavily ticked dog out of Shay by Luke. His owner, Chuck, has shown Blue tons of birds in his short life! Chuck spent the past year getting Blue into birds every chance he had. Blue has been shown quail, chukar, pheasant, and now, the elusive Ruffed Grouse.

Chuck is an avid hunter and has really put his time in with this bird dog. Chuck raised bob white quail and got to work Blue on them all summer long. Chuck and Blue hit the woods and fields several times a week hunting and they have seen just about everything you could see while hunting PA this year, including a run-in with a porcupine and a very heart-pounding surprise when a PA Black Bear exploded out from under a stump!

Chuck connected on this ruffed grouse recently (and finally took a picture for us) after Blue pointed it perfectly.

Blue gets to live inside the house with Chuck and his family and just loves to play with the kids, but Blue LOVES to hunt birds. He seems to be just as obsessed as Shay & Luke!

We love to hear about the pups and all the hunting experiences!

Thank you, Chuck — and Congratulations!

Oh, and Happy Birthday Blue!