Wild Bird Camp 2010 – Days 1 and 2

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Well, we are finally here! Wild Bird Camp 2010 has officially started.

It was a long drive and an exhausting first day with unpacking and settling in yesterday. I practically can’t recall yesterday (Sunday) at all! What a blur and the drive and lack of sleep affected me much more than I had thought it would. Age, the lack of recent exercise, stress, etc., has really taken it’s toll on me. I look forward to getting in better condition both physically and mentally while here–we all do–both humans and canines.

The trip started out with a stop along with way to meet Copper’s new family and deliver him safely into their waiting arms. He is doing fantastic and he is a very lucky pup to have such wonderful new parents and a big-sister Llewellin to help him along. We couldn’t be happier!

We drove thru the night, stopping for a few quick “naps” along the way and pulled into camp around 8:30 am. All the dogs got out to stretch and run and then had a wonderful breakfast. The first dog out of the box was Jess and he made it half-way around the yard and slammed on a beautiful point in the yard! There was a wild rooster pheasant in the high grass. What a way to kick-off bird camp–and get a trailer full of bird dogs wound up! You have to love it.

The rest of the day was spent unpacking, locating necessary items, getting organized, getting firewood and kindling ready, the electric and hot water on, the computer set up,  and getting the dogs out to run several times after being cooped up in the trailer.

I had fun playing with the pups getting them used to their new home for the next several weeks. They seem to be adjusting just fine to the trip, staying in the trailer, and learning their new surroundings. They are eating normally and do not seem at all stressed or upset by the change. They are very brave and curious and I have my hands full with four of them! They mostly follow and stay with me but if I get sidetracked doing something and lose their attention, they are off exploring on their own in no time!

Thinking I would be able to “work” last night was out of the question–I just couldn’t do it! I thought I would just take a nap for a few hours and set my alarm. I never heard it and didn’t wake up until this morning! YIKES! But, what a beautiful morning it was to wake up here.

Being that I missed work last night, I spent today working some and working the dogs some. I had to run into town to take care of a few things, check the PO box, get a few groceries, straw, place my order for the dog food, etc. The dogs got to run in the big field, but I didn’t take them to work in the woods today. It was rather windy with 20mph gusts, and I don’t like working young dogs in wind such as that where they can’t hear me and I can’t hear them. So it was best to just work on commands here on the farm.

Right before dark this evening, the local coyotes decided to stir things up and come by for a visit. They were yipping and howling  getting my gang stirred up.  🙂

That’s all for tonight.