Northwoods Bird Camp 2010 – Day 3

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I couldn’t ask for more fantastic weather than we have been blessed with this week! Today was in the upper 50s with a breeze. It was a heavenly day. I am so grateful to be able to be here enjoying this weather, enjoying the dogs, and not really enjoying work so much! But, I couldn’t be here without my job and my fantastic job allows me to work from anywhere so I will not complain too much.

We woke up to a chilly 33 degrees. Envigorating air, with beautiful sunshine. We worked in the fields here at the farm for a few hours this morning.

We had a fantastic afternoon! I needed to get my small game license in town, and a few needed supplies. After that, I headed out to the national forest and we finally got to hunt for a bit! The season doesn’t start until tomorrow, but I really just wanted to run dogs. We put up birds!!!!  Yahoo!  Ike and Santana got to run and they did fantastic. I was very pleased. I got the pups out and they had a big, big run on a two-track. Too much fun–but what a handful keeping track of. They have no fear and will run into the woods and when one goes, at least one more follows! I may have to resort to just taking 2 at a time from now on. I was a wee worried, but when I called they did come back.

When I got back to the rig, a fellow came along and stopped for a chat.  It turns out he was just asked to be a judge for the Cover dog grouse trails in Marianville, PA at the end of October–small world!

That’s it for today, folks.

Shoot straight! 🙂