North Woods Bird Camp 2009

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Here it is a week already since arriving in the North Woods for bird camp, as I call it. We have had everything Mother Nature could throw at us with lots of rain earlier in the week and we woke up to snow and gusty wind this morning!

The dogs are all doing quite well but there is a lot to do in the next several weeks. The purpose of bird camp is to get the young dogs on as many wild bird contacts as possible. We have been able to do quite well getting most of the dogs into birds. I am exhausted already! But, I will get back into shape and feel better over the next few days I am sure. The dogs don’t seem to be tired in the least bit after several hours of hunting.

We already lost a remote to a set of e-collars, delaying our normal hunting routine of both of us working dogs for several days! If anyone finds a Tritronics with duck tape, zip ties, and puppy chew marks on it anywhere in the northern part of the great state of Michigan–could you let us know? Grrrr…. We were still able to run dogs using the other set, but it was very inconvenient that we had to work together, instead of Scott working some and me working some. We had to order a new, one-dog unit to get us through for now and will have to have a new remote built for the older set.

We have encountered just about equal numbers of timerdoodles and grouse the past few days, I would say. We really do not get into counting and such. There has been plenty of action to keep things exciting and the dogs working. Not all that many of our quarry have made it into the freezer, though!.