April 22nd, 2011

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Photos from the past week:

The pups are really something. They had a few days of eating puppy mash and they’ve graduated to moistened kibble. All get themselves in and out of the whelping box without much effort already and have really enjoyed their freedom running about the room the past few days. All are incredibly bold. Prancing around here like they own the place (because they do, of course)! Puppies rule! They are exhibiting excellent qualities and I am thrilled with them. I sneak downstairs with a bowl of kibble for them and place it on the floor. Within seconds, they wake up from a dead sleep, noses going and following the scent to the food dish. I put the dish in a different spot every time and they use their noses to find it. I love how they carry themselves–very sure of themselves and high-tailed and high-headed. A few have even been so brave as to have followed Santana outside! It was just a few steps outside the door and they would sit there and bark or just watch Santana. Too cute!

Enjoy the photos.