March 3, 2011

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Grace and Ellie Update:

I am always amazed at the changes in pups between the 3rd and 4th week. Grace and Ellie are getting around very well, now. Little Ellie is a hoot! She is so bold and fast I just can’t get over it. When I take them out of the box, zoom, zoom, sniff, sniff, sniff, her nose is like  a vacuum cleaner and she is cruzing all over the place. She loves the puppy mash and laps and laps and laps until her belly looks like it is going to explode! Then she runs around checking everything out, crawls up into the puppy bed, curls up in a ball and is out like a light. She is very bright, has a fantastic nose, agile, cuddly, and cute as a button!

Oh my gosh, Gracie! What a beauty, too! Her coloration and features are just gorgeous to me. The hair on her long, lovely ears is becoming all curly, her coat is so long and soft. Grace, too, has an excellent nose. When I bring the warmed plate of puppy mash downstairs and put it on a towel in the room, then go to get the girls out of the box, Gracie is already awake, head and nose in the air smelling it–she knows her chow is here! She doesn’t seem to like the mash as much as Ellie does and still prefers her momma’s precious milk, but she does eat some. She also cruises around the room, but is much more cautious, with nose high in the air. She is also just a bit shy–not so much with per say, but a loud noise or sudden move makes her back up a bit. I’m sure she will grow out of this quite quickly the more time spent out of the box exploring. She loves to be held and cuddled and licks, licks, licks your face, then snuggles up and takes a nap in your arms. She is such a sweet heart!

The next weeks with these babies are going to be a blast. I will start potty-training a bit now (I should have already).  It is still too cold for them to go outside, of course, but I can start paper training.

I will start to add less liquid to the puppy mash little by little, then not mashing as much, and within the next 2.5–3 weeks they will be switched over completely to dry kibble.

I will get new photos over the weekend. I took some tonight, but they were all terrible.


Santana continues to get larger and is being such a snot about what she will eat! She refuses her dry kibble, but chows it down when I add some venison, chicken, liver, and some broth. She also loves sweet potatoes and carrots. She is being a complete darling (except all of a sudden is very protective of her food when she has never been like that before). Santana has barely ever uttereted a growl until the past two weeks and now, if another gal gets near her when she is eating, she snarls.  She is very much enjoying being the current queen of the loveseat upstairs. She shares it with Maisy and even Jenna, although Jenna has been giving up cuddling with her and taking the floor. You should have seen the other day when I looked over and 5 of them were all sleeping on the loveseat! Funny. I love life with Llewellins.

Oh–I’ve barely stepped outside all week, but Scott has gotten out with dogs a few days! He’s taken Luke, Maddie, Nashua, Midge (of course), Jenna, Ike, and Addison. A few birds were put up. Just quick runs in the woods, really–which they were all dying for. I hear we are in for pouring down rain all weekend, but at least some of the dogs got out this week.

That’s all for now, folks.