Weekend Update

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Just a quick update this morning.

Grace and Ellie’s Eyes are Open!

Grace Week 2
Grace Week 2
Ellie Week 2
Ellie Week 2

Oh my gosh, aren’t you totally in love with these two darlings?

Right on schedule, both Grace and Ellie have opened their eyes! Yesterday, Saturday, there was little Ellie with her eyes wide open looking at me! Grace’s opened Friday. Ellie seems to have leveled out with her weight gain and I am going to have to increase the amount and frequency of the feedings after a surprising and disappointing weight loss today! I don’t think she can have much more at each feeding, so I am going to try increasing the frequency. Number 2 son and Caveman assisted with feedings over the weekend. The girls are now 2 weeks old!

Midge and Nashua out for a Run

Caveman took Midge and Nashua for a nice, long run today. No, he didn’t take the camera! Grrr… They didn’t get into any birds, even though the area usually holds some Ruffs, but they “hunted” very well and for several hours. Caveman didn’t take the truck with the 2-hole dog box in it, so Midge and Nash treated him to a roll in a puddle about 50 yards from the truck. So, he, the dogs, and the truck came back covered with mud.

At least two of the gang got out for a run. I hope to get back in the swing of things and start running dogs on a daily basis again.


Santana won’t eat her normal kibble! What is going on with these guys? Well, I’ve been preparing excellent yummy stuff for Shay and gave some to Santana last week and now, she wants the yummies, too, I guess! Who wouldn’t rather have liver, eggs, sweet potatoes, venison, pheasant, duck, fish, brown rice, etc., over kibble? All the dogs receive as much venison and such as I can come up with to give them. Their kibble really does provide for all of their needs, but they love getting their treats of venison, sweet potatoes, etc. Santana has decided that is all she will eat the past few days.  I made some great doggie bread to add to make sure she and Shay are getting some carbohydrates and the added vitamins, etc.  I feel she is certainly widening in the ribs a bit.

That’s all for tonight folks.