April 2nd, 2011

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Happy Birthday to the “Muscle Cars” Litter!

One year ago today we were welcoming Jenna x Steele’s first litter into the world! I will be updating the birthday post with photos as soon as I can tonight.

Grace and Ellie

Grace and Ellie have left us and now are enjoying their wonderful new home in Connecticut with the Partyka’s. It is very strange without them. The boys that still live at home keep saying it over and over as they walk through the dining room without being greeted by the two sweeties. 🙁 It is an adjustment to be in the kitchen and not have Ellie sleeping on our feet, too. The other dogs, particularly Shay (momma), Mia, Midge, and Jenna keep looking for them by going in their crate and under the love seat, on the low, large shelves in the kitchen (where Grace and Ellie liked to hide and play), etc. Scott skipped a nap today saying he just couldn’t nap without the pups to snuggle with. 🙂

After a lovely visit with their new mom and dad, off they went cozy and comfy and surrounded with great new toys to play with. Their new “parents” are a perfect fit and I think all will be wonderfully happy together! It is no easy to task to take on two Llewellin Setter puppies, but I think this family can handle it just fine and we are thrilled the “ladies” get to stay together. We heard the trip went well and they had a blast exploring their new home and yard. They ate like champs with their new Mom’s special recipe and they will get to meet their new canine big sister today. We look forward to all the exciting news!

I was an idiot and forgot to get a “family” photo!

The Winds

Santana’s puppies are growing like mad and I’ve had to remove and change the collars twice, now. They will be a week old tomorrow! They are all doing very well and gaining weight nicely and all are over 1lb AND some are starting to open their eyes! I was doing the weights and exercises and low and behold, there was Breeze with her eyes beginning to open! That is the earliest I’ve ever personally seen. Santana is doing well eating, getting out for some exercise, and is a very good mum.

Spring Training

I had all intentions of starting a very strict schedule of spring training today, instead of just a couple days a week, but it did not happen! There were just too many other things that came up and kept me tied to home. I am really disappointed in myself and I am sure the dogs are as well. We are missing great cool weather and I could kick myself for allowing anything to interfere with working the dogs. I will not let it happen again and we will be in the woods tomorrow and every day possible before nesting season begins!