Jenna x Steele Pups Are 3-Weeks Old

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Puppies are 3 weeks old today

These little bird-dogs are really growing up. What a difference just a day or two has made in what they are able to do. They’ve spent considerable time outside of the whelping box this evening and had their first taste of puppy mash. They eagerly lapped it up and proceeded to use their noses to find their way to Jenna’s dish and tried a few pieces of kibble! It is also puppy kibble and small pieces, but it is much too soon for that!

They’ve enjoyed exploring the room but haven’t ventured too far, yet. You can really see them use their noses to explore and then, find their way back to the litter or to Jenna. You can hear their noses sniffing like crazy. They are really playing and get quite ornery! It is so much fun to watch them and they love people and all come to either the side of the box or come snuggle up to you if out of the box.

I had them out earlier today, put them back into the box and was upstairs for a little while. When I came back downstairs, three of them were out of the box chasing Jenna around! They are all very strong and quite determined to get where they want to go–usually to Jenna.

You can see the black filling in on their noses.

Jenna x Steele Pups 3 Weeks

And speaking of noses…they are really using them–see Catalina smelling my presence?


They are playing and exploring …

They LOVE eating more than anything—just look at those happy tails!

Happy Tail

Jenna is the greatest momma…

and lots of sleeping

They still do lots and lots of napping…

I will update all of the photos on the litter page tomorrow.

Night all…