Jenna and Steele Pups are One-Week Old

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A week ago tonight we were delivering puppies! What a very l-o-n-g night that was! But, the first week has flown by and the puppies are really doing well.

They are growing by leaps and bounds and getting around quite well! They are trying to walk and some can even make it for several steps at a time. By next week the eyes will be open! I love when suddenly they are looking back at you.

I absolutely LOVE to watch their reactions when Jenna gets in the box. The pups smell her (you can hear their noses going like crazy), and they smell their way to her. It’s so funny–you should see them when they get frustrated when they can’t get to a teat. They get so wound-up and frustrated! And they are so strong!!!! If I try to pick one up when they are searching for their prize they really can wiggle and squirm. Wow.

The ticking is starting to come out on the faces–around the nose and such. Attractive puppies, I do believe (I suppose I am a wee-bit prejudice, but try to keep a very objective opinion).

We hope everyone is enjoying the “Jenna-cams”. The viewing will get more exciting in another 2-3 weeks!

Jenna is doing well and is quite an excellent momma! She is being rather perfect–neither neglecting nor too overly protective of the pups. She has been a pure joy–except that she is being so picky about what she will eat! Rightfully so, I suppose. She wants only the best for feeding her pups. But, she has taken on preferring meals I make for her rather than puppy kibble, although somebody is eating the entire bowl of kibble during the night…. 🙂

In other news… Rizzini is doing great and loving his new home in Georgia! It is still so strange without him following me everywhere, but he is having a grand time with his brother, Ruger!

I am excited to be finalizing all the details for Bird Camp 2010! My gosh, I can’t wait and keep trying to come up with some grand reason to leave in July or August, instead of September! I have decided to extend the trip by tacking on a week at the end for another destination. 🙂  We’ll see if I really get to pull it off, but the plans are all set! I once heard someone say though, God is a comedian–if you want to see Him laugh, tell him your plans! So, I’ll hope for good health for the family, children, and dogs, vehicles that run properly, a spring of favorable nesting weather, and a summer of tons of Web site business so I can afford the trip!

We have been running dogs as much as possible, now, with the blessing of such great weather! It’s been a lot of fun and so refreshing to get back at it. I can’t wait for the work-day to wind-down every day so I can get out to the woods. I can’t believe it is April 8th and all the green buds that are on the trees already. I hope a killing frost doesn’t hurt things too much.

I’ve heard the ticks are back terribly! Scott actually had one embedded in him already this year. Hopefully a dry spring (both favorable for nesting and killing the ticks) will take care of things somewhat.

That’s all for tonight. God bless.