Update On Jenna…

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Jenna Week 7-8

In about 12 days, we will be welcoming a new litter into our lives!! I can hardly believe the time is almost here for the greatly anticipated Jenna and Steele pups.

Jenna is doing great. She is eating very well and seems relatively content–as long as she is with me! She has become very clingy and will barely go down into the yard without me. It really is not like her at all; she is such a bold, outgoing Llew—just not right now. She is so great with the older pups, too–as long as they don’t climb on her back! Although as I write this, she gave Cheyenne a growl when pup thought she would curl up near her.  Maybe she is getting more uncomfortable and doesn’t want rude puppies bumping her belly! She (usually) lays with them on the big dog bed and they follow her around everywhere. She’ll even tolerate them sharing her dinner (and she will help herself to theirs).

She is spending nights downstairs with me and is even taking naps in the whelping box–hooray, she seems to like it! Now, just getting her to actually deliver her puppies in it! It seems like all the gals do all they can to try to deliver the first pup on my plastic-covered and many layered sofa! Then, I am able to get them into the whelping box for the rest of the deliveries.

Jenna has been eating 3 meals a day for the past week. Not huge meals at all, her food has really only increased just a bit. There is only so much room in there for puppies and food and she seems to be eating better and more eagerly with the smaller portions more often versus larger portions twice a day.

All is going great–except I am a wee bit worried because I heard her crunching on something and by the time I got to her to see what it was, she had swallowed it! I am worried because the puppies destroyed my cell phone and reading glasses yesterday and I swept and looked high and low but fear there may be pieces missing! What did she eat? I hope whatever it was doesn’t harm her. I get so scared about stupid happenings like this–maybe dogs are better off and actually safer in a kennel? At least in the kennel I wouldn’t be worried about plastic lenses from my glasses missing and pieces of my beloved Blackberry, keyboard, or camera in their bellies!!!

Well, anyway she seems very large to me, but maybe I am just so used to seeing her fit and trim and in fantastic muscular condition. This is Jenna in hunting condition in front of one of the dog trailers:


Yes, she is huge, no doubt about it. I just hope the puppies are not too big–of course I want them healthy and nice sized, but I always worry about puppies that are too big and would cause problems with delivery.