Fun With the Pups on a Wing and Remi Leaves Us…

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We had some folks come to see the dogs today. They wanted to see the dogs on some birds (too bad we don’t have any birds)… but we were able to let a couple of pigeons fly. That really didn’t go off too well because the pigeons are all on nests so they quickly returned to the coop. But, it was enough to see that Steele, Maddie, and the pups are bird dogs, I guess. You can’t deny their obsession for a bird, it is pretty obvious, as I think our company would agree!

They wanted to see the pups on a wing, so we dug a wing out of the freezer and showed them that the puppies do know how to sight-point a wing. That was fun. We haven’t really played with the wing much. It’s fun to see pups point and see their style and such, but we don’t do it that much–if at all–we don’t want to encourage sight pointing. We get to see the pups point each other all the time. They know how to point. I have seen pups not have much interest in that game and end up being the best bird dogs ever.  As said, it is a fun game, but I personally do not take it too seriously. It’s in there. I guarantee it.

The folks decided they wanted Remi, so after a bath and ear cleaning, off he went to his new home. He will live in Port Matilda, PA and will have wonderful opportunities to hunt. He will get to live in the house with an older male dog, too. He WON’T get to sleep in bed, but I guess you can’t always have everything. Don’t think I am mean–I just think it helps so much with that bonding–even if it is just for a few days. I am a strange, crazy woman, I know!

I forgot to get a photo of Remi and his new family! Darn!! They are wonderful and Remi will have a fantastic new home and lots of hunting opportunities, that is for sure!

We wish him all the best.

God Bless