Remi Returns, Kimber is Leaving, and Reports From New Owners

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Just an update on the pup’s status…

Remington came back to us today. It was a heart-wrenching decision for the Rawlings who had fallen in love with him. They have an older dog and it just wasn’t working out. It probably would have in time–it usually does–but for everyone concerned and for the older dog’s best interest (he was very jealous of Remi), we decided it best to come back and we’ll find a new home for him. I think how much the Rawlings really care for their dogs is evident in that they did bring him back–they were looking out not only for their current dog, but for the pup, too. It was a very sad day for them and we felt their pain.

The Rawlings reported that pup is very bold, stylish, and felt he will make an excellent bird dog. Upon returning here, he had a blast romping in the yard with his brother’s and sister. He checked everything out and had a great afternoon. He seemed to have forgotten his manners with his momma and was being very ornery with her–Maddie set him straight right away and he stopped pulling her ears and jumping on her immediately. He tried the very same thing with grandma Shay, who also put him in his place with a stand-off and a growl. Oops… okay…. I won’t do that again. And he lay down in front of Shay’s crate and behaved himself. Too cute. And oh my gosh is he ever a beauty!!! It’s only been 10 days that he was gone, but I guess I had forgotten how striking he is.

The very beautiful, stylish little lady Kimber will be going to live near Houston Texas. All is set for her to take an airplane ride early Friday morning. We’ll get the required health certificate tomorrow. We’ve been working on crate training the pups, so she will be all ready and used to being in a crate. We usually do this much sooner–and it is so much easier to do when the pups are around 6-7 weeks old. But, there just hasn’t been the 0pportunity or enough crates! With children that have to get up in the morning and a hubby that works mid-night shifts, it just seemed there was never a good time for a little (or sometimes a lot) of crying from a LOT of puppies! Now, with just 7 pups here, I am at least able to have enough crates and I must put them to bed before the kids. It went great the last two nights. They have slept through the night and didn’t fuss much at all–I think it was 10 minutes tops.

New owners are reporting good things about their pups. All seem to be settled in quite well and the new owners have fallen in-love. Quite a few are getting to sleep in bed with their new family! Hooray! There was a time I really didn’t go for this, but I’ve changed a lot. It just seems to really create a special bond when that new pup arrives and it is made to feel so safe and secure by getting to sleep with their new owners. I’ve done this with every pup I’ve gotten over the past several years. We work on crate training for a week or so and make it a fun, happy place for pup to go and in the meantime they get to sleep at least the first week or so (sometimes longer) with me. Most seem to grow out of wanting to sleep in bed–it’s too warm–and you tend to find them on the floor beside the bed in the morning after a few weeks. Then, they are used to their crate and they usually prefer to sleep in it. It all depends on the situation. But, I really like being able to do this. It’s not for everyone, though, and that is understandable.

I got to hear from some folks in California with pups from the Patriots litter. The wonderful Rusty and Jan Hagen reported that Lily-Belle just returned from puppy camp where on the last day they got to see her find birds and retrieved them! Lily-Belle is not wanting to “come” on command consistently though! This is a common behavior for many at different ages and just when you think they are coming and listening perfectly–they decide they are not going to do it now. The pups go through stages of independence and at times decide there are things much more interesting at the moment than coming when called! Certainly something to not let pup get away with. If they learn they can get away with it, they will do it whenever there is something else more fun and interesting!

Mr. Losoya reported that Neena (another pup I was very, very attached to–she picked me 🙂 and I cried for weeks over her leaving) has “quite the nose” and is retrieving “like it was bred in her”.  They had just returned from pheasant hunting on Saturday. Neena is out of Maddie and Brier and just a few weeks older than the pups from the Patriots litter. She lives with her step-brother, Indy–from the Patriots, They live in northern California, just a few hours from Lily-Belle!

We heard that Covey and Ruger seem to be adjusting quite well to their new home in Georgia. I was concerned a little about Covey, being an older dog and how she might adjust, but it sounds like she is having a ball and is quite happy! I am so glad and so relieved. It is very, very strange without our “Covey-love” here. 🙁

Cherokee, now “Amazin Grace”, really has made quite the impression on her new family in the thumb of Michigan. They report she gets along wonderfully with their two-year-old Llewellin Setter, their Rat Terrier, and even the cat! They love her style and intelligence. She house trained easily, and sits on command. She doesn’t back down from the older dogs and they love her markings and say she has a beautiful point. They are very impressed with her after having several Llewellins previously and just love her. Hooray!

Seneca, now living in Illinois, is having a ball with all the older dogs and another older, bigger Chessie pup.  She is quite agile and very smart (found a way to get herself onto the kitchen table and snoop around while dad was napping with her on the sofa). Her new owner says she is really something else–“a keeper with the attitude he looks for in a bird dog” and is very much looking forward to this fall hunting grouse over her. He LOVES her.  Oh my, the stories I hear about this one! Makes me laugh and laugh! Quite the character that little blue-eyed Seneca is! 🙂

Addie-Sioux‘s new family are in love after just one day. They report she is very inquisitive and that they have to watch their shoes and socks! lol. They say she “has the neatest personality and is very fun and cuddly”.  They are amazed at how well she takes on stairs and she LOVES to get to go outside with “dad” and cries at the door if he goes out without her. She gets to sleep in bed with them and they wake up with pup laying on her back, under the covers, in between new mom and dad with her head on the pillow! 🙂  Too cute!

A short report from Stoeger‘s (Brier?) new family in Michigan–they say he gets to sleep in bed with the wife, on his back all sprawled out! 🙂 But that crate training has been challenging.

Kolar-Bear, now “Parker” had a good first day with his new family in Virginia. He got to sleep with his new mom and dad, in-between them, and for 6-hours straight. They were amazed! They report he did very well on his first walk to the park and his first time on a leash. He is having a blast with his new big-brother, Riley–an older Golden Retriever. 🙂

Apache and Shawnee‘s new parents in Ohio report that Apache has now passed his sister in size and is very bold. Shawnee is daddies little girl and is spoiled rotten and a sweetie. They get to go everywhere with them.  The pups got a new bed for their kennel but destroyed it in less than an hour while mom and dad went out for lunch–oh no!!! Little Llewellin buggers EAT everything they can!!!!  But, the pups are doing very well and they are loved to death. They say it takes an hour minimum to get thru the pet store because they attract so much attention. lol. Too cute!

Oh–and I’m sure you’ve all read Mr. Menard’s update on Mohawk (now Magnum)! It sounds like he is quite the hit at City Hall!

We are so thrilled all is going so well and love to hear the reports. I just thought I would share them with those that like to follow the progression of the pups—they have their own fan club of complete strangers that never met them! 🙂

Sometimes things don’t always go as we would like them to, as in the case with the very sad Rawlings tonight, but it seems as though these pups are adapting quite well and the new owners are liking what they see in their pups so far.

Let’s all say a little prayer for the Rawlings tonight–that their hearts would quickly heal over the decision to return Remi (they had named him Cody, by the way), whom they are head over heals in love with and took excellent care of,  for the sake of the happiness of their older dog, Dallas.  It was a very difficult thing they did–and a very long trip from Michigan–and very emotional. These Llewellin pups have a way of quickly–almost immediately–making their mark on your heart and soul and leave a very big hole in you when they leave.

Hug your Llew extra tight tonight just for the Rawlings.

– LML.