Llewellin Puppies Leaving the Nest

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Not much posting this week. Sorry. It has been a busy one, for sure. Not only are Scott and I both very busy with our business this time of year, but then the puppies and the training of the older dogs. It’s the only way to live, right? We had lousy weather all week–too much rain for my liking. But, you can’t change the weather so no sense in complaining too much–just like the price of gasoline–no sense in complaining as it doesn’t accomplish anything.

hatch-and-mae.jpgAnyway, on to exciting news: We have heard that Hatch (Turner) is doing well with his new family. They reported that he is getting along well with the “big dog” Mae and sent adorable pictures of him using her as a cushy pillow. Too cute. He is doing well with the crate training and housebreaking, too! We love to hear about the pups. It has been so strange without him this week; we keep counting the pups when we move them from inside to outside and visa-versa and panic when we count 9 instead of 10! Then, we remember, ah, Hatch is gone, just 9 puppies, now.

In other news: Lincoln will be flying out to his new home in Missouri tomorrow morning (actually, today, Friday) and Kittery is leaving for her new home in Boulder, Colorado at the same time. They both received another check-up on Wednesday and the health certificates necessary for flying. We are having a little all-night “party” with the pups tonight. I am just letting them all romp together in hopes that Kit and Linc will be very sleepy for their trips in a few hours. Plus, I am afraid to over-sleep and not make the flight on-time, so I am just staying up with them! They have to be at the airport at 4:30 a.m. sharp. So, we will be leaving soon.

This evening, Weston, will be picked up by his new owner and go to live in Delaware after getting to spend the weekend at “hunting camp.” Very cool.

Sunday, Casco will get picked up and go to live clear on the other side of PA.

Then, next Friday Ashland and Brook will fly to Portland, Maine where they will get to grow-up together hunting the excellent Woodcock and “Partridge” population there.

Very exciting. We couldn’t be more thrilled about the great families the pups are going to. Great pups-Great families! Hooray!

Oh, and if you are wondering about pictures, I have pretty much given that up for a few days. With all the rain and not very good results taking them inside, I am waiting. Any day, now, my new (used) good camera should arrive! I am really, really hoping that will be later, today. Look out for great photos next week, folks… although, many of the “pack” will have already left… 🙁 We will still have another week until Brook and Ash leave, a month or so until Liberty leaves and Addison and Hope are not spoken for, yet. Still, lots of fun to be had and lots of great photos with our new camera!

Well, I better get rolling to the airport!.