First Pup Leaves the Nest

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The start of the somewhat difficult days has arrived. I both love and hate this–all at the same time. When the pups start to leave, we feel a bit of apprehension; but seeing the looks on the faces of the new families takes that all away.

The first pup to leave today was Hatch (formerly known as Turner). He is going to a wonderful family and we couldn’t be happier. We hope the transition goes well for the little guy and the family. I realized I forgot to include a blanket with the smell of the pack. I’m sorry. We have done this before and it really seemed to help the pups with the transition.

Now is a great time to remind those with new pups of some excellent information on crate training, housebreaking, etc., over at Keith Smith’s Llewellin Setter blog.

Other news: I don’t know if I reported that Kittery was picked and will be going to her new home in Boulder, Colorado, next week. We’ll keep everyone updated on the status of the male pups as soon as we know.

The pups are really tuckered out tonight. We have been trying to dodge the lousy rain and get the pups out into the yard several times a day. I got to take some new photos this evening–and even a few video clips.

Here is a link to photos of Hatch and his new family as well as some great photos of the pups romping this evening–and even some video clips. Enjoy!

Click on the photo below to view all the pictures–some are pretty good–this will take you to a new page to view the album and the videos.

Pups at 7 weeks