November something, 2012

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Hi all,

It’s been a fun week—even though we can’t hunt birds—there is certainly enough going on to keep us (me) hopping! Lots of visitors and fun puppy adventures!

Both cameras are on the blink—what a time for that to happen, eh? I think the 30D just needs new batteries, but it will take a little while until I can order and receive them (they are a special battery). I’ve had them for so long that I think they just won’t charge anymore! The other camera keeps giving a “lens error, please reset?” What? Ugh. Not now. Isn’t that the way it always goes?

I’ll keep trying with the cell phone camera, but it’s not so good at capturing romping puppies. Anyway, I have to get something handled with the photography situation straight away!

In the meantime, it’s just keeping all four-legged creatures happy for now. Nash and Tori are growing tired of the rowdy pups and keep going out to their kennel (on their own)! They want peace, I guess.

Lady Bird is in and trying to enjoy every minute of relaxation before her pups arrive. Since I am insane (?), and can’t bring myself to put the older pups out into a proper puppy kennel and insist on keeping them in my kitchen, I’ve decided to give Bird darling my room to whelp her pups. So, down came the bed today (super easy to do since it is simply a double-high air mattress with a foam topper! I love it! Seriously–could you see me trying to get mattresses and bed springs up and down steep stairs? This way, I just deflate, move, and inflate! Genius, I know ;)), and in went the whelping box and puppy supplies. That will be fantastic for her to have comfy seclusion, while still being in the next room while I work, for a few weeks until the older pups leave. Then, they can take over the kitchen.


In the mean time, I guess I’ll face reality and really get to work on those puppy kennels and that huge outdoor play area I have wanted to do. All I need is time, right?


I am beyond excited that Scott will be here for Thanksgiving! You are coming, right, darling? Caveman, honey–are you coming??? I do wish I was going home to PA, but it couldn’t happen this time. I’ll just look forward to Christmas, right? ::sniff sniff::


So, the next week will be busy-busy with all of the planning for puppy flights, crate training, rides in the truck, health certificates from the vet, L-Bird’s puppies arriving, trips to the airport, workie, and more workie. Never a dull moment!

OH, and then, good ‘ole partridge season comes back in! Yahoo!!!! I can’t flippin’ (excuse my language, but I am sort-of in a really-don’t care mood) anyway, I can’t flippin’ wait to get out to the grouse woods with my dogs. I am going every single minute possible. I am hunting till I drop and every dog will get the time they deserve in the woods!

I guess that’s all. I realize my posts are not very thrilling lately. For a long time, actually. I know. I’m sorry. I really want this to be full of fun, educational articles, great adventures with my Llews, and sharing the joy of the northwoods… I just can’t right now.

OH–and in case I forget or get side-tracked enjoying the delivery of Bird’s puppies or something–Happy Blessed Thanksgiving to all!
Night all.