Happy Thanksgiving

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Happy Thanksgiving all. I hope you are all enjoying a fantastic dinner surrounded by your family.

I would just like to thank everyone for the overwhelming responses to the “Kennel Reduction” post. I will answer everyone and I’m sorry if I haven’t gotten to yours–I will as soon as possible! I don’t seem to have but a few minutes a day to get to the responses.

The 7-month-old males are going with a trainer and will be available as started dogs when ready. I am going to create a list of the other/older dogs (males) available for sale as it seems that will be the best solution. If you are interested in purchasing an introduced/started male (emphasis on males and older as many requests I received were for females so I need to be clear the dogs available for sale are males) write and tell me what you may be interested in/looking for and I will provide the list. I also must apologize for not returning calls as I seem to get work barely completed, get the evening run/kennel chores done, get the puppies fed, cleaned up after, and a long, fun play session in, and then it is much too late to return phone calls!

may make a few older/seniors available for adoption (1 male, 1 female) to the right person.

Also, I was contacted by others that are looking to place a few special-needs dogs. I can put you in-touch with the owners/shelter. I guess there is a lovely male English setter with mild HD (not noticeable or causing any problems at all—the dog can hunt all day and has never shown any pain), and two deaf female English Setters (all love birds and hunting), so I am told. When I posted my Kennel Reduction Sale, I received a ton of requests asking if I could adopt more dogs!!!?


Thanks again for everything and I would like to leave you with a thought—something I try to remember everyday since I heard or read this somewhere:

What if you woke up tomorrow with only the things you thanked God for today?

Doesn’t that scare you? Really, what if?

I know I better get busy thanking!