Puppies are Here!!!!

Well, it has been an exciting few days and the puppies have finally arrived! There are 10 beautiful pups–5 Males and 5 Females.

Shay is doing well and all pups seem to be doing just fine.

Shay x Brier Puppies

#1) 3:15 a.m. Female – patched – full hood, large body patches. 7.8 oz.

#2) 3:43 a.m. Female – belton – no patches 7.1 oz.

#3) 3:53 a.m. Male – right eye patch, no other patches. 8.6 oz.

#4) 5:00 a.m. Male – belton – no patches. Tiny dot on top of head. 9.3 oz.

#5) 7:47 a.m. Female – Full Hood, Tri-color, spot at top of tail. 6.7 oz.

#6) 7:57 a.m. Male – Full Hood, Tri-color, spot on right side. 8.6 oz.

#7) 8:24 a.m. Male – Full Hood, body spots. 7.4 oz.

#8) 8:38 a.m. Female – Full Hood, body spots. 8.1 oz.

#9) 9:12 a.m. Male – right ear black, some black on left ear, no body spots. 10.6 0z.

#10) 9:42 a.m. Female- Half-hood, spot on back. 7.8 oz.

Shay and Puppies

We have decided to use the theme of “4-wheel drives” ? as the temporary names for the litter. My son, Ramsey, came up with the following list: The boys will be: Ranger, Nitro, Tahoe, Dakota, and Titan. The girls are: Sable, Milan, Sierra, Avalanche, and Liberty. I like them!

Oh, and on a personal, interesting note, today is my niece, Cortney’s birthday. It is really neat that our last litter was born on my sister’s birthday, March 26th, and this litter was born on her daughter’s birthday! How exciting. Happy Birthday Cortney!

More updates and photos to come...