Muscle Cars Week 3 Photos

I have finally gotten the week 3 photos of the puppies! I take photos everyday. The problem is that while looking at the photos hours later, then at times I am not 100% certain who is who, especially if I cannot see the collars! ::red face:: You can see the new photos over here. Or here are some:

Week 3 photo of Bee, a female Llewellin Setter puppy out of Jenna and Steele

#1: Bee (female, tri-color)

Week 3 photo of Catalina, a female white/black Llewellin Setter puppy, out of Jenna x Steele

#2: Catalina (female, white/black)

Dart, male blue belton

#3: Dart (male, blue belton)

Cougar, orange belton male Llewellin Setter puppy

#4: Cougar (male orange belton)

Malibu, orange belton female

#5: Malibu (female, orange belton)

#6: Rebel, orange belton male llewellin setter

#6: Rebel (male, orange belton)

#7: Torino, female white/black Laurel Mountain Llewellin Setter puppy

#7: Tori (female, white/black)

#8: Rambler, male Belton Laurel Mt. Llewellin Setter Puppy

#8 Rambler (male, belton)

#9: Nova, female orange belton

#9: Nova (female orange belton)