Days 3-5 In A Llewellin Setter Puppy’s Life

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Maisy x Brier Puppies 5 days old.

The puppies had the dew claws removed Monday. We are very fortunate to have a vet that comes to our home! He gave Maisy a check-up and said she is looking great and is in very healthy condition. With just 6 pups, this shouldn’t be that hard on her. All the pups got a good going over and then, their dew claws removed (our vet calls in cutting their thumbs off!). He remarked they were all very healthy and have big feet! The next scheduled visit from the vet will be when the pups are 6 weeks old to receive their first shots.

All the pups are gaining weight and all are now over 1 lb. They are all scooting around quite well and are very aggressive about getting to Momma to eat. Sometimes I think they must be hurting Maisy and am amazed at how feisty they can be about it and how easily they figure out where she is–and how quickly they can get to her. Wow can they move! The Belton female was up on all fours and actually took a few steps!

Maisy is now leaving the whelping box a couple of times today for a break (other than quickly racing outside and right back in). She lays on the sofa for a few minutes watching over the pups, then usually gets right back in with them. I did, however, look over and see her napping on the sofa once today!

Here are individual photos of each pup. They are in birth order. The ticking is really starting to come out, although there still isn’t much of it.

#1: Male, tricolor, black left ear.

#3: Male, Tricolor.

#2: Female, Belton, not sure if she is going to be a Blue or a Tri – Belton

#4: Male: Black right ear. I am unable to see any brown on him. But, that still could happen.

#5: Female, tricolor

#6: Female, tricolor

#1 Male, Tricolor #2: Female Belton #3: Male, Tricolor #4: Male #5: Female - Tricolor #6: Female - Tricolor.