A Llewellin Setter Puppy Jail Break. . .

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Well, the adventure begins! The puppies are just so much fun right now. We had our first escape last night, and all through the night! #5 female was the first to break-out and escape the whelping box. We really thought it was going to happen sooner. They have been trying to get out, but the large PVC pipe pig rail is slippery and they could not manage to get over it. Well, that’s over, now. They have figured it out (or really just grew big enough). Scott didn’t get much sleep through the night on the sofa beside the whelping box. Once they escape, they cry and wake him up. I believe they are looking for Maisy, who is also on the sofa snuggled up to Scott. We could close the door, but are a little concerned that Maisy will jump over and not see where she is landing. I don’t like that, but I don’t like the squibbers escaping, either! Honey, isn’t it time to build that puppy area I keep nagging you about?

The pups are eating more and more of their puppy-mush, although we are still just offering it once a day. We will start to offer it twice a day, soon. They really seem to enjoy getting to come out of their box to play in the living room. We are getting them out for play time as much as possible and are shooting for at least 3 times a day. We also are now encouraging the children and their friends to pick them up and handle them as well as taking one out at a time for one-on-one time. They are becoming more and more inquisitive and trying to negotiate more obstacles in the room. It is time to puppy-proof the room.

We allowed one of our older pups, Covey, to come down and meet the puppies tonight. The puppies just loved her and she was very good with them. She very much enjoyed stealing their cool puppy toys!

The kids are insisting on giving the pups nicknames, as they just can’t stand me calling them Number 1, Number 2, etc. I suppose there is no harm in that, for now. I hope no one minds.

I tried to make a few notes on each pup:

#1 Male: A tricolor.
A real, go-getter, this fellow is not afraid of anything. He eagerly comes to me right away will that little tail wagging away. He seems to be great and searching out the paper area to do his business while out of the whelping box. He is very playful, inquisitive and not afraid to go off on his own to explore. Probably the most vocal of the pack at this time, he gets his mother’s attention quickly!

#2 Female: Blue Belton ?
This little gal is somewhat vocal, growling and barking at the other pups and at Maisy. She is a cutie-pie! She is inquisitive and not afraid at all to go exploring. She is so white, it is hard to believe! There is some ticking on her ears and belly, but not much. Scott thinks she will look very much like her momma.

#4 Male:
At times, this guy almost seems a little shy, but then all of a sudden, he is off playing and instigating romps with the others. . . he is very much a snuggler for sure. Every time I am laying on the floor with them trying to take photos, he comes over and crawls right up into my arm or lap and settles right in for a snooze. This guy is a super sweetheart! He is not yet showing any signs of being a tricolor, only black and white, at this point.

#5 Female: Tricolor
This gal is probably one of the quietest of the pack, but don’t let that fool you! She is very feisty, was the first one to make it out of the whelping box, and is not one bit afraid of the big dog, playing and chasing Covey around the room. Ramsey is insisting that he be able to call her Jazz until she leaves us.

#6 Female: Tricolor
The most colorful as far as markings and ticking and the most inquisitive. She is always checking things out and always on the move. A very bold pup and quite vocal sometimes barking at her litter mates and mother! It is very difficult to catch a photo of this one.

The newest photos:

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