Tuesday, May 31st, 2011 Update

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Following is a very quick update. I will elaborate and add photos as time permits this week. Today is an extremely busy day, but I want everyone to know the latest news.

Following the usual crazy Saturday morning stuff and having company (Cane’s new family), getting all of the paperwork done and in order, running all over creation to try to find the proper air-shipping labels, some decent collars to fit the pups,  and a suitable puppy crate for Kona and Breeze to fly in, then get puppies bathed, nails trimmed, and crates labeled, packed in the truck, etc., Saturday night to go to the airport early Sunday morning, Nashua decided to finally go into labor! She was due Thursday and her temperature has been all-over the place, she finally whelped her two beautiful very healthy (over 1lb each) puppies!

So, just in time (thanks to #2 daughter helping me), out the door we go early in the morning to the Pittsburgh airport with puppies! Kona, Breeze, and Sooner did great on the long ride there. And thanks to my daughter’s help and her great idea to take a dolly, we were able to get the puppies inside the main terminal, get checked in, all paperwork done, and off they took the pups in time for their flights…. except because of storms via Chicago, the pups flights were majorly delayed!  But, they finally arrived at their destinations of Utah and Wisconsin late, late Sunday night and were happy, healthy, and seemingly unaffected by the long day of delays (wish I could say the same for me and their new owners waiting all day long, though!). Very, very stressful day for the humans, but the puppies were absolutely fine. 🙂 That’s all that really matters!

So, then, back home to meet with Cane’s new family that were waiting to pick him up and head to the airport themselves! Thank goodness I had everything ready before I left in the wee hours of the morning… Scott was still at home and got them on their way… I pulled in the driveway just in the nick of time to give Cane a hug and say a teary goodbye! He flew out that evening with his new owners in the passenger area of the plane and made it happily to his new home in northern Massachusetts and joined a new big-brother Llewellin Setter. 🙂

While getting all the whelping laundry, dog dishes, cleaning, etc., caught up on Sunday night and getting everyone ready for bed, and while waiting and calling and checking on the status of the puppies still en-route, I went to let Addison outside and noticed she was panting rather hard (she was due to have her puppies around Thursday, June 2nd). I took her temperature and oh my, yep, she was definitely in labor. So, the mad panic ensued for me (with the help of #2 son) to get everything ready for her to have her puppies–she was 3 days early and the new whelping box was still outside and we hadn’t had a chance to rearrange the room! All the towels and supplies still needed cleaned, etc. Crazy, but my son and I, still without any sleep from the night before, got it all situated and endured another very long, sleepless night! Addison’s puppies had all entered the world by 11:30 am, Monday! Addison did fabulous. No troubles at all and once the delivering finally got started, went smoothly and quickly. The puppies are gorgeous, excellent weights, and all vigorous eaters. 🙂

Everyone is doing fantastic! Maddies puppies are so stinking cute–up walking around playing, barking, and learning about the new world. They have had their first worming. They are adorable and beautiful! I know, pictures, pictures!

Midge’s puppies are beautiful as well and she is a fantastic mum. I have to take photos, get the litter page done and officially name them.

I have to name Nashua’s gorgeous puppies–you should see the male! He is blanketed black like I’ve never personally seen, but obviously comes from his ancestors. Wow. He is a knock-out! Not to slight the beautiful, hooded female.

And name Addie and Jess’s beautiful pups!!

I know, I know, I better get on the ball! I will. This is banquet/graduation/wedding time of year! And things should settle down a bit in the next few weeks so that I can have that extra time for photos and such. The most important thing is making sure everyone is at the correct temperatures, are fed, dry, socialized, and happy! We are still 4 and 5 weeks away from anyone needing photos for picking, so I will be ready by then. 🙂


I am tremendously enjoying the remaining Wind puppies. Maria will leave in the next few weeks. Rocco is still available, but it is becoming more difficult by the minute to think of him leaving me. He is my buddy and reminds me so much of Steele and I have such a thing for the male pups! He is a beautiful dog. I really would like him to stay. I have to get the farm very, very soon, then I could, no problem. I know, you all think I am crazy. You just have to understand my philosophy and frame of mind for the future of this breed.

Have a great day, all and I hope all are cool (it is 94° in PA today!).