Wednesday, May 25th, 2011

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Good Morning,


A quick update on things at LML:

Midge x Ike Puppies
Midge x Ike Puppies

Midge and Ike puppies are doing great. They had their dew claws removed and are quite a lively bunch! My “Bird” (Midge) is doing great. She looks very good and is settling in to motherhood very nicely.  She is no longer huddling around the pups so much. She takes very good care of them. The puppies are a really nice lot. At four days old they sure can scoot across the box to find their momma!  I love their markings and spunk. 🙂


Maddie and Steele puppies: Their eyes are opening! Yesterday, while doing their exercises and checking them over and changing the whelping box pads, low and behold, about half of them were looking back at me. I don’t know what it is about it when the pups finally open their eyes, but it just gives me such a thrill. They just seem to take on personality then. And what a fantastic bunch these are. Very nice, rolly, polly, good-looking puppies. I can’t wait to get more photos for you. I’ll wait until all the eyes are open and update the litter page.

Maddie is just wonderful. So content, such a perfect mum. She looks fantastic, is eating, nursing, and caring for her pups with ease and grace. She makes it look very easy!


Santana and Steele’s puppies have the strings to my heart and are so much fun. I am absolutely in love with everyone of them. Just fantastic these pups. I adore their attitude, love to watch them run and play with high heads and tails, and sassy attitudes. And, at the same time are such loving babies. They all want your attention and want to be there doing whatever it is you are doing.  All eight of them want to lay on my feet while I do the dishes. They all want on my lap if I dare sit down. They follow me back and forth and back and forth doing all the morning, afternoon, and evening chores. They want to help me sweep, mop, shovel, and hose. They want to help me scrub by taking the cloths and sponges. 🙂 Not much gets done very quickly to say the least, but oh my gosh, such enthusiasm to be with you all the time and see what you are doing.


They are enjoying their time in the puppy kennel again without much fuss at all about going in. The crate training is coming along, but their was still one lone complainer last night. She finally settled, but it was a rough spell to listen to at 1:00 am. All crates were dry this morning. They are doing great. I hope to get them out for a drive and run in the fields at least once before the airport trip Sunday.


And, I know, everyone wants more photos! I think I have some help today, so maybe we can get some photos of all the pups and get them posted today. It’s been raining on and off again so it’s been hard to get good, “clean” shots. It’s really a constant battle to keep things clean and dry. But, at least we are not in a drought or having the terribly dangerous storms as in other parts of the country, so I certainly can’t complain.


Talk to you all later. Have a wonderful day and smile!