Puppies and Birds and Bears, OH MY!

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Hello all.

It is complete insanity around here, lately. Haven’t a minute to breathe! We have been working and training the pack every minute we can get. The puppies are a full-time job at the moment and both Scott and I have a ton of work with our jobs. But, ’tis the season, so they say and we are blessed to have the work and such wonderful dogs as well! So, we make hay while the sun shines…

Two puppies flew the coop this evening. It was sort-of a good evening for it, as it was pouring buckets here, in PA. So, instead of working dogs, two puppies went to new homes–and locally! Most of our pups leave via an airplane ride. It is nice these pups will be local and I will hopefully get to see them more often.

The two pups are the magnificent tri-color male and the sassy, high-stepping little b/w female from Maddie and Brier’s litter. The male is named, “Tucker” and the female will be called, “Sarah.” I get so attached to these pups, especially with a small litter that I found myself quite teary-eyed packing them to go. You would think I would get over that at some point, but I don’t. I just always wonder what they are thinking and feeling and how traumatic it might be for them. But, in no time at all, they adjust and are happy puppies being loved by their new families. The smiles on the faces of the new families makes any sadness go away and we know they are going to excellent loving, hunting homes!

The “Patriots” are growing like crazy. They are really playing more and more and getting into everything! They have become a full-time job, now. Little pooping machines–but, oh my are the little buggers cute. They just make me melt and with puppies around, it’s always fun.

They spent most of an entire day out in the puppy kennel on Tuesday. It was beautiful weather and they enjoyed the new surroundings. Today was an awful, rainy day so they spent today inside. They can’t stand the confinement of the whelping box any longer and really give me the dickens when I put them in it for the night. They settle in quicker every night, though and are rearing to go first thing in the morning with a very messy box. I guess that’s what I get for putting them in the whelping box–a box full of yuck. I wipe them off one at a time and take them out then take out the blankets for washing and scrub down the box with a disinfectant. By then, they have finished eating their breakfast and have messed up the room pretty good! Ahhhh… the life!

I have stopped putting their food through the blender this week. Just moistened puppy kibble. They actually seem to eat it quicker if I just put the kibble in the dish with the water and give it to them right away, instead of letting the kibble soak-up the water. Shay is still nursing them as well, of course.

Just two weeks to go until the picking can begin!

On another note, a bit of fun while running Nashua last evening… we had a grand time running and Nash did excellent on her work. She had a nice swim to cool off and we were returning to the truck to call it a night. We came out of a wooded area into some fields and there on the hill above us was a young black bear. After being certain Nash was not going to try to investigate this new thing, we watched the bear meandor along the hillside and I got a few shots of it with the camera. A nice second-year cub, it didn’t seem that bothered by our presence at all. Fun!.