Patriots Marching on to Dogdom…

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I get so bored with my titles for posts. Hope that one is catchy.  🙂

Okay, so, the Patriots turned 5 weeks old on Tuesday. They change and grow daily. I really do not realize it until I look at photos from just a few days ago.

The puppies finally got to get out into the big yard, today!  We do usually wait until they are about 5 weeks, but may have tried it sooner if it hadn’t been for rain, mud, and a yard with a steep hill that needed mowing but could not do so until it dried out. So, today, while waiting for something from work, I decided to not wait until Scott got home this evening and take the puppies down into the yard myself. It was a glorious day here, in PA.–mid 70s and partly cloudy with a gentle breeze. Perfect.

All went very well–except for a little mishap on the deck steps but all is fine–the puppies found their feet and balance on the hill down into the flatter part of the yard rather quickly. At first, they followed me (back and forth and back and forth) while I tried to get them all. Then, they had a grand time playing! They loved trying out eating grass and dirt. They particularly liked playing in the areas of high-cover (okay, yes, weeds that we can’t mow). I always say we have the perfect yard for puppies–they get to get acquainted with all the areas of bird-like cover (and they love those areas), we have a spring-fed pond (okay, it’s a hole the spring made for itself) for introduction to water, the hill for good muscle development (you should see what that hill has done for my thighs and all the ruined trousers from sliding down it), all sorts of obstacles for climbing over, and a grape arbor for shade (and for hiding from me).

As soon as they discovered the cover area–they had a ball hiding from one another in it and pouncing. I kept thinking, geesh, why did I wait until we mowed–they like the high stuff better! Well, at least a mowed yard is better for snapping some photos.

They were thoroughly upset with me when my work project came in and I had to take them all back up to the puppy kennel on the deck. They were very vocal about their disapproval of being taken from their fun-time in the grass.

All pups took to the new experience very well. None were shy or afraid. Sometimes the first time out is scary for them, but not so with these cuties. I think because they are used to being outside in the puppy kennel, it was not so shocking of an experience. Most of our litters are during the winter or early spring months and the pups do not get much outside experiences before they leave. This crew is used to being out in the kennel on the deck and are at least used to the weather, smells, and sounds of being out.

They are so much fun, now and into everything! Some are even getting pretty good and getting themselves outside to do their business. During the day, they usually have run of the dining room upstairs. I leave the deck-door open a bit so they can go out onto the deck or into their kennel where I keep their food, water, and toys. The puddles in the dining room are getting fewer and fewer (don’t worry, I have an old, old wooden floor that gets scrubbed well every night). Most are getting themselves outside to do their business. I rarely have a surprise to clean up, lately.

They still prefer a little water in their kibble. I tried a day or two of not adding water to the kibble but they didn’t eat it as well, yet. As soon as I added water to it, they all came running and ate. I tried to omit the water so a fly wouldn’t get into it or something (being outside). I can’t stand flies around my dogs, puppies, or their food! It just makes me insane. Another reason I don’t usually have litters in the summer!

The vet is coming on Wednesday, August 12th. The pups will have their first shots and a thorough examination. After that, the puppy-picking can begin!

Enjoy the photos from today: