More Puppy Pictures

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The pups are so much fun and so affectionate, curious, and ornery! Life is a blast (and a lot of work, but that’s my job!) with these guys. They are into everything, are becoming more and more adventurous, love people, and are starting to stalk and flash-point one another. Ornery Breeze was doing that all day today! She would get up on the stoop in front of the wood stove and point, then pounce on one of the others. I noticed Cane, Rocco, and Sooner doing the same.

A few of them prefer to sleep and nap in the crate that is just out of site of the web cam. I think folks wonder where the pups go when they go around the corner on the other side of the whelping box–there is a crate there with the door tied open and they love to pile up in it.  It’s so funny to see 4 or 5 of them all lined up sideways in the crate sleeping on their backs with feet in the air. Too cute. I need to figure out where I could fit another crate for the rest of them.


I am hoping we have some dry weather and we can mow the hill side again (you would never know Scott just mowed a week ago, already!), and get the pups out into the yard this week. That’s when the real fun begins and you can see the instincts really come out in them when they are watching, pointing, and stalking tweetie birds, get them used to seeing the big dogs in the kennels, experience “cover” (the area of the yard that can’t be mowed), water, etc.  I love when the pups start going out in the yard for play and adventure!

I have a kennel all ready for them, too, if the weather ever becomes a consistent temperature and not so damp, that they may get to spend a few hours a day in. That will most likely not happen until the last week they are hear. We’ll see how things go. Puppies usually love to be out there once they get a taste of the outdoors.