Rude Awakening

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I am not feeling much like working yet this morning so thought I would say Good morning to all of you and post a little update.


I had a rude awakening at 5:00 am when the puppies decided to band together to knock down the barricade, get into my bedroom, and all climb up on the bed! This would be an otherwise very dreamy way to wake, but they were more than thrilled with their accomplishment and to see me so they were rowdy puppies running and jumping and licking my face, pulling my pjs and hair. I fended them off with sweet words and they settled a bit until I gathered my senses and then the panic set in as to what they had done in the outer room/office to get to me and what I might find destroyed! I had moved important file folders, the camera, etc., to the other side of the barricade to be safe from ornery puppies that love to tear and chew!


Well, they hadn’t touched a thing. It just happened to be pouring down rain and thundering and I think they just wanted to find me. My puppy pack is  dwindling in size, but the strength of the bond is ever-growing. I love that I get to spend most everyday in the same room with the puppies.


Jenna and Steele’s pups are growing like mad! They’ve had a full week of puppy mash and are escaping the whelping box on a regular basis. I have to put the extra door on the box now and they are not happy about it! They are finally named, collared, and photographed. I can’t wait to get them moved downstairs with me, but the age difference between them and the older pups is just too much at this stage. As soon as all of the older pups leave, they can come down.


There is a break in the rain so I better get outside and get the kennel chores done and then get to work.