Puppies are sooo much fun!

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Well, here it is, in just a few hours this beautiful litter of 10 puppies will turn 7-weeks old. The landmark of 49 days is said to be a very important one in a pup’s life. They are ready to leave their litter mates and go to their new homes.

It is always a bit of a sad week for me. I am so thrilled about all the opportunities the litter will have and I am so excited for the families, but I can’t help get a wee bit sad. Okay, I’ll bawl like a baby, but I just worry about them some. I feel badly about the first few days and all they will go through. They have only known this life and their littermates. But, in a few short days they will happily adjust to their new home and their new families. They are certainly amazingly adaptable creatures.

They are able to do just about anything they put their minds to, now. Jumping, running, playing, climbing, and even going up and down steps. They have seen snow, rain, and sunshine. They have seen loads of people and lots of big dogs. I wish the weather would have been better to get them out for big runs in the yard, but our yard is a steep hill on a solid sheet of ice right now! Maybe before the end of the week… although it is so bitterly cold, that I think it might be a bit much on them. We’ll see how it goes.

Most of the pups are leaving next Saturday. I believe Tahoe will be leaving Friday night, then Milan, Nitro, and Tripp will go Saturday. I guess that is not most! Then, next week the pups that are flying will have another check-up with the vet and get their health certificate for flying. Friday, Sierra, Lucy, and perhaps Titan will be flying to their new homes. I have ordered shipping crates and snugglers for them.  Saturday, Liberty goes to New Jersey.

I will be putting some type of collar on them probably tomorrow to get them used to it. They spend a few days scratching at this thing on their neck. I hesitate to put them on when they are still with the litter because they all chew on one anothers, but I like to have them used to it before they go. I still have no idea why I didn’t use the ID collars this time! I keep making them and marking them and then never putting them on. Some people, eh?

The pups go nuts at feeding time. It is so darned cute. They really get wound up and crying when they hear the food hitting their pan in the morning. They are completely on dry kibble. We use Chicken Soup for the Puppy Lover’s Soul. I will include a bag of food with each pup. Please, let me mention here, that I strongly believe that you research and choose the best puppy food you can find–and afford. It is essential to the development of every single thing in their being. I am strongly against any puppy foods with corn in them. Look at the ingredients. I refer you to this site for evaluating any food you are considering feeding your puppy. They rate foods from 1-6 stars, with 1 being the worst and 6 being the best. Go ahead, for kicks, just look up Eukanuba and see what you think after reading the reviews. I also refer you to this bit I wrote about dog food. I could go on and on about this. I very, very strongly believe it can make all the difference in the development of your puppy. It will make all the difference in the health and well-being of your new best friend and carry him strong and beautifully through the forests and fields doing what he was born to do–feed him well, PLEASE.

Okay, that is all for tonight. Sorry that I don’t have pictures. 140 shots yesterday and they are all pretty much awful. They are really on the go ripping and tearing around–or sleeping! I love these little squibbers, my oh my. They light my life every day, making me smile and laugh every day, 1000 x a day. I am the luckiest girl in the world.